Railway Station

built 2012 - 2013
location Salzburg, Austria
architect Kada Wittfeld, Aachen
steel structure Zeman & Co. GmbH, Wien
static ETFE-cushions teschner GmbH & Co. KG, Kosel
material ETFE-foil 250 μm / 300 μm
New platform roof made of ETFE cushions

161 ETFE foil cushions with different geometries

covered area: 6,013 sq.m. / surface area: 6,313 sq.m.

The goal was here, that the ETFE roof shall give the platforms and the railway line a connecting roof. The ETFE roof surface extends 327 m to its longest extension towards the platform and 72 m crosswise to the railway lines.

The ETFE roof surface is divided up into five individual roof liners that run parallel to the platforms, which are made up of various types of roof, whereby 2 roof liners are made of a transparent ETFE film design: a total of 161 rectangular angled pneumatic elements made of 3-layered ETFE film. The individual cushions between 2.60 to 3.00 meters (center distance) or - in the connecting area to the historical half-timbered building - the element lengths vary between 13.00 m and 24.00 m.

The steel substructure is made of modules with a maximum width of 4.53 meters. The modules are formed by minimum-tension arched girders, which are rigidly connected to the eaves. The rise of the arch is 1.30 m or 1.80 m. In the connecting area to the historical half-timbered building, classified as an historical monument, the rise of the arch varies between 1.80 m to 3.10 m.

The ETFE Roof with its super lightweight and its great clear span, is the ultimate solution for the use of Railway Stations.