Benefits of ETFE-structures at a glance

  • Especially high light transmitting capacity of approx. 90% in the visible wavelength range
    (from 400 – 700 nm/UV)
  • High UV transmissibility, depending on the material thickness
  • Good thermal insulation: U values, depending on the number of foil layers
  • G value between 0.10 and 0.85 depending on the design and alignment of the printing pattern
  • Low weight of foil cushions, thereby facilitating light, intricate substructures
  • Very good mechanical properties: High tensile strength/tear resistance and hail resistance
  • Flame retardant – ETFE foils burn off without dripping
  • Low maintenance costs due to anti-adhesive surface with self-cleaning effect
  • Interesting design options offered by printing, e.g. shading without additional construction
  • Long service life of at least 25 - 35 years
  • Cost savings in comparison with conventional transparent roof constructions
  • High recyclability




ETFE roofing - Hitachi Power Office in Duisburg/Germany