built 2010
architect / general planner ECE Projektmanagement, Hamburg
general contractor Ed. Züblin AG, Stuttgart
roofed area 24.400 sqm – 60 facade- and 68 roof-fields
material glass-PTFE
Fabric Architecture at the "Rhein-Galerie" in Ludwigshafen, directly on the bank of the Rhine is a new kind of inner-city quarter with a shopping center (having a sales area of approx. 30,000 m²), a gastronomy pavilion as well as a restored historical shipyard hall.

Furthermore, approx. 25,000 m² of outdoor facilities with a high-grade fabric architecture design, having a direct access to the water. A translucent membrane roof spanning over the complete shopping mall, which illuminates by night and gives a unique and unmistakable character upon the spectacular fabric architecture.

Fabric Architecture by Ceno shows the variety and possibilities of utilizing fabric material for varies types of structures.