Munich Airport Center

renewal of membranes 2009
architect CL Map, München
static membrane Greiner + Rein Ingenieure, Stuttgart
membrane surface 5.450 sqm
material glass-PTFE
The MAC is a two-wing complex of buildings centrally located between the two airport terminals. Designed as a spacious business centre with shops and offices, it is also regularly used for exhibitions and events.

Particularly because of the open area located in its centre, the Mac Forum, the architecture of the MAC is something special and bears the signature of the hotshot architect Helmut Jahn - flooded with light, elegant and transparent. The 10,000 square metre large forum is roofed by an extraordinary glass-membrane construction in a height of 40 metres and thus is one of the largest, roofed open areas in Europe.

Translucent, diamond-shaped membrane fields of Teflon-coated glass-fibre membrane alternate with intermediate fields of laminated safety glass.

Each of the total of seven membrane fields spans a free width of 90 metres. The overall length of the membrane roof is 160 metres. The roof bearing structure is suspended from 14 pylons.

Ceno was charged with the replacement of 5 sections out of 7. These works were carried out in the period from May to November 2009 to the customer´s utmost safisfaction.

The delivery scope included the new production, delivery and mounting as well as the dismantling of the old membrane sections.