built 2000
location Ashkhabat, Turkmenistan
static membrane IF Ingenieure, Reichenau
covered area 15.000 sqm
material PES/PVC
15,000 sq.m of fabric roof over the grandstand and the entrance area in the new Olympic stadium in Turkmenistan’s capital Ashkhabat were roofed with a textile construction. 72 oval arranged steel girders with a span of 22 meters securely support the vapor barrier made of material that is resistant to tearing over the grandstand, where up to 30,000 people have their places.
The fabric roof must withstand extreme changes in temperature, strong sunlight and sand storms as it is close to one of the largest deserts in the world and it is also designed to be earthquake-proof.
It was imperative that this fabric roof was made with the highest quality product to the highest installation guidelines to keep the maintenance of the Olympic Stadium to almost zero.

The fabric roof by Ceno is known as a Quality product in Turmenistan, since the year 2000 , there is no maintenance required.