Formular One Istanbul

built 2005
client Formular Istanbul Yatirim A.S.
architect ORION Insaat & Dekorasyon, Istanbul
static membrane teschner GmbH, Kosel
covered area 17,960 sq.m
material PES/PVC
Grandstand Roofing for the Formula One Race Course in Istanbul

A grandstand area for more than 30,000 spectators with an area of approx. 17,000 sqm was completed right on time for the first Formula One race in Istanbul.The roofing consists of 54 filler wall elements spanned by membranes, each with a size of 9.16 x 33.50 metres Due to the low design weight of the textile membrane, the roof structure could be given a light and filigree design despite its free overhang of approx. 30 metres.

Two large high-point canopies were constructed for the roof terrace areas of the two 25-metre-high VIP towersThe membranes which are made of plastic-coated polyester fabric both have a diameter of approx. 30 metres, thus each covering an area of approx. 800 sqm.