General Manager of CENO Membrane Technology GmbH
and Responsible Managing Board Member of Sattler AG


Vorstandsmitglied Lisbeth Wilding
Mag. Lisbeth Wilding
Member of the Board Sattler AG and member of General Management of CENO Membrane Technology
In addition to her translating and interpreting diploma, Mrs. Lisbeth Wilding holds a university degree in business economics and avails of a sound education in the HR area. Permanent further training and continuing education, among other things at the Institute of Management St. Gallen, are other strong points of her profile. Mrs. Wilding has above all gathered experience in the international automotive supplier industry, before joining Sattler in 2005, where she started out as area manager Human Resources. Over the years, Mrs. Wilding has taken over additional responsibilities step by step, such as IT management, organisational development, or the general management of a subsidiary in Germany. In early 2013, Mrs. Wilding was appointed member of the board at Sattler AG. Her responsibilities include areas such as Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Textile Architecture. Furthermore, Mrs. Wilding is responsible for HR, IT, and organisational development at group level.