Illuminated and acoustic ceilings in modular construction

Illuminated ceilings and acoustic ceilings made of technical textiles

There is hardly another material that can be used as flexibly as technical textiles which, in addition to the composed optical elegance they offer, meet the most diverse functional requirements. Whether for improving room acoustics or for directing or scattering light, our Ceno frame systems always include visual added-value.

Particularly in places where large numbers of people dwell over longer periods, for example in restaurants, museums, offices, etc., sophisticated lighting and acoustics concepts are the foremost factor for atmosphere and well-being.

We do not offer predefined products to our customers; we develop solutions that start with planning and construction and end with the finished assembly.

Our clamping and tensioning systems are so flexible with regard to the textiles, designs and sizes used, that we are in a position to find the best solution specific to each project, in dialogue with our customers.

As additional design elements, we can also create free-form textile shapes which provide better acoustics and lighting and which, if printed or lit, can be used at the same time to create atmosphere or for advertising purposes.

translucent ceiling