Velodrome "Andreasried"

built 2007
client Erfurter Sportbetrieb
architect Baukonzept Planungsges., Lichtenstein
steel structure Zeman & Co., Füsing
covered area 6,680 sqm
Material PES/PVC

Ceno is expert in lightweight construction, for more than 100 years have we designed, engineered and built lightweight structures like the Andreasried velodrome.


The Andreasried velodrome officially opened in 1885, the oldest velodrome in the world. Looking back on a history, tradition of high-calibre cycling. Andreasried has established itself clearly as a location and a name in Europe.

The lightweight Construction of the roof, done by Ceno was part of the full redevelopment, which started in summer 2006 . Today, the Velodrome is one of the most advanced velodrome in the world.

In addition to comprehensive renovation work on various functional buildings, membrane roofing as the lightweight construction, was completed initially. Thus the textile roof could already provide important weather protection for the three-dimensional reinforced steel track during the highly complex concrete work.

The roofing itself uses a translucent membrane construction consisting of high-strength plastic coated polyester material. The basic supporting framework consists predominantly of circular steel tubes. The ground-plan of the structure is oval in shape and extends over a length of 124 meters and a width of 89 meters. The interior is not roofed. An oval-shaped opening with a length of 80 meters and a width of 27 meters remains.

The roof surface consists of a total of 20 segments, shaped as membrane arc surfaces. Per segment, 5 steel tube rings with spans between 9.20 meters and 15.90 meters were installed to transfer them to the biaxial pre-tensioned status.

Lightweight Construction by Ceno is not only known in Europe. Hundreds of Structures around the globe have CENO’s name on it and the number is growing yearly.