built 2000
location Ankara, Turkey
architect Erkut Sahinbas, Ankara
static membrane form TL, Radolfzell
covered area 4.700 sqm
material PES/PVC
For big concerts and celebrations, a monumental amphitheater was built at the Bilkent University in Ankara. A lightweight roof for 6.000 seats was required, so that all events could take place and being independent on the weather. The lightweight roof was tensioned on a steel frame structure (1 main truss slightly inclined towards the audience and six ancillary trusses), thereby providing a 118 x 60 meters surface which protects the spectators and actors against rain and direct sunlight, while at the same time admitting sufficient light. The clearance height of the lightweight roof main arc in the stage area is 30 meters. The inside acoustics are reinforced by acoustic bridges. A visually attractive acrylic finish renders added value to the white PVC fabric lightweight roof from the underside, while on the outside, a PVDF varnish provides for additional protection.

The lightweight roof from Ceno was the ultimate choice for the Amphitheater to bring rain and sun protection.