built 2008
location Sinsheim, Germany
general contractor/architect agn Niederberghaus & Partner
static steel AHW Ingenieure, Berlin
static membrane form TL, Radolfzell
material PES/PVC, type III
The new roof offers now more than 30,000 spectators a dry position. A total area of 19,500 sq m was covered with the Ceno tensile structure. Around 60,000 sqm of material has been used. For optical and acoustic reasons not only the upper side, but also the lower side of the steel supporting structure was covered by Ceno Membrane Roofing structures. Two different membranes has been used, which was based on their functionality.

The upper membrane that faces the outside is used to protect against the weather but at the same time allowing the light to reach the stands. 56 roof fields, each with 5 support arches, where covered by Ceno Membrane roofing structures, made of translucent PVC-coated polyester fabric (type III) with its dirt repellent fluoropolymer coating. This material is more weathering resistant than traditional materials.

The lower membrane of the Membrane roofing, which faces the stands, is giving an optically calming effect. A fine meshed PVC-coated polyester screen fabric was used. This tensile structure arena shows 750 steel frames with a semi-transparent material.

The roof edge glazing planned for the inside of the stadium is also part of Ceno’s scope of delivery. Around 6,000 sq. meters of polycarbonate paneling is providing the protection against the weather and translucence around the entire circumference of the playing field.

This Arena with a membrane roofing structure was designed, engineered and constructed to the highest requirements and constructed with the best German installation crew.