CENO-TUBE becomes a mobile basin

At first glance, a typical industrial application: a large volume of water needs to be held ready for use at ultra-short notice.
Large amounts of water are needed for inspection work on a long-distance gas pipeline at Rheinmünster near Karlsruhe. A so-called inspection "pig" is to be flushed through the gas pipeline by water pressure.

The method of mobile water retention employed is unusual: a mobile dyke has been erected on a farm field nearby and, in three condensed construction phases, rapidly converted into a "mobile basin". First, at the customer's request, an earthwork dam was constructed to enclose and protect the site.

Then a three-layer drainage covering with a 5,000 m2 sealing membrane was laid in the basin floor area. To aid transportation, the membrane was assembled on-site from four large strips.

In the final step, the actual basin structure was installed as a 330 metre long circular dyke made from modules of the CENO-TUBE. The rim of the sealing membrane was folded back and laid over the filled mobile dyke.

The complete basin, holding a volume of approximately 10,000 m3, was erected in three working days.