Tensile Structures of PVC-coated Polyester Fabric

Translucent construction with PVC coated Polyester Fabrics

Thanks to their high tensile strength (five times greater than steel), coated fabrics can be used to create support-free constructions with wide spans. They are not only a crucial design element, but are a structurally indispensable part of the overall construction thanks to the pre-tensioning applied.

Apart from PVC-coated polyester fabrics, several other material combinations such as PTFE- or silicone- coated glass fabrics or fluorpolymer foils. 

Ultimately, it is the respective, project-specific requirements, the budget available and the home-builder's wishes as to aesthetics and design that are decisive for the selection of materials.

Many years of experience in the handling of numerous different materials guaranteeing successful projects. such as ETFE can be used depending on the constructional requirements.

All advantages at a glance:
  • Individual shape and colour
  • Low material costs
  • Short planning, manufacturing and assembly time
  • Support-free roofing for large areas
  • Temporary and portable constructions possible
  • Enclosed structures possible using thermally insulated and soundproofed, multilayer membrane constructions
  • Savings on lighting
  • Long lifespan
  • Excellent heat protection – high reflectivity
  • Excellent resistance to earthquakes

Technical Textiles for Tensile Structures - PVC-coated Polyester fabric

PVC coated Polyester Fabrics High-grade, extremely tear-resistant polyester fabrics are coated with plastic on both sides. PVC has become established as almost the sole material used, due to its wide variability. A variety of surface finishes are conceivable in terms of soiling characteristics and durability. Acrylic coatings are offered as standard. Soiling characteristics are significantly improved if a PVDF coating is applied.
Ceno-membranes made of PVC coated Polyester Fabrics comply with the most demanding quality standards.

Architectonic exiting applications become possible due to the membranes' high degree of flexibility, UV resistance and resistance to weather as well as their translucency especially in the case of light colors.

Coated polyester fabric 

Basic fabric

 Coating material  Plastic
 Acrylic, fluoropolymer and PVDF coating
 Total weight (g/sqm)  from 800 - 1450
 Tensile strength (N/5cm)  up to 200 kN/m
 Kink resistance  good
 UV-resistance  good
 Stain resistance  good
 Translucence  approx. 5 - 15 %
 colour  Standard white, colour selection possible

 Fire classification

 DIN 4102 B1
 flame retardant
 EN 13501-1
 B - s", d0




Technical data PVC coated Polyester Fabrics

PVC coated Polyester Fabrics has 5 different quality levels. Fiber materials are processed into technical fabrics by specialized weavers. The strength of the material is determined by the choice of weave, the thread thickness and the number of threads per centimeter. It has been proven to be practical to produce the PVC coated Polyester Fabrics for tensile structures in following different quality levels:

The below material types are the standard Types used for well over 90 % of all tensile structures. The specified values are approximate.

      Type I  Type II  Type III  Type IV  Type V 
Threads in warp and weft          9/9  12/12  10,5/10,5    14/14  14/14

Yarn density (dtex)

 1100  1100  1670  1670  2200

Total weight (gr/m2)

 800  900  1300  1300  1450

Tear strength
(N/5 cm/warp/weft)

 3000/3000  4400/3950  7450/6400  7450/6400  9800/8300

Tear growth resistance
(N, warp and weft)

 310/350  520/580  1100/1400  1100/1400  1600/1800

Low flammability

 yes  yes  yes  yes  yes