client Krankenanstalten Immobilienges.m.b.H.
architect Kassarnig ZT-GmbH
planning K.TA Kiefer
year of construction 2015
covered area 165 sq.m
material ETFE, 250 mµ, printed

University Hospital Graz
Reorganization of a central traffic junction, the so-called "Schmetterlingswiese"

About 6,000 m² of free space at the Graz Clinic was redesigned in 2015 and offers covered seats, an information point and drinks machines for refreshment.

Two ETFE roof structures form the new center of the forecourt of the University-Hospital Graz. Because of the similarity of the two elliptical seating canopies with the wings of butterflies, the name "Schmetterlingswiese" was chosen. In addition to the functional requirements, the new space roofing is intended to create a creative added value.