CENO-TUBE - scope of delivery

The CENO-TUBE comprises of individual dyke elements available in different sizes and lengths.

The individual modules can be arbitrarily combined and connected into a stable dyke chain.

The tubes can be supplied in various standard diameters of 600 over 930 up to 1200 mm.

Special lengths produced on request.

Accessories for CENO-TUBE

Winch Wheels:

to transport and unroll the CENO-TUBE 

CENO-Tube - Haspelräder zum einfachen Ausrollen des mobilen Deichs
Water pump:

Gasoline, diesel or electrically powered – we supply various types of pumps.

Alternatively, suitable standard pumps (e.g. submersible pumps) can be used with Storz couplings.


CENO-Tube - eine einfache Pumpe reicht um das Wasser aus bestehenden Gewässern in die Deichschläuche zu pumpen.
Water hose
CENO-Tube - Wasserschlauch für mobiler Deich
Distribution with extension tubes
Key for Storz-coupling
CENO-Tube - Schraubwerkzeug für mobilen Deich
Chain to complain

For a safe sealing of the tarpaulin on the ground a chain will be inserted.


CENO-Tube - Beschwerungskette für mobilen Deich