CENO TEC provides the complete range of services around tensile structures from one source

One of the most sensitive areas and highest risk factor in the construction industry is the interface between the different trades. In the conventional construction process there are for example statutory regulations. This is different in the sector of special constructions, for example in the sector of textile architecture and interior architecture.

In order to ensure an impeccable quality of overall service, Ceno Tec has always made it the task to provide the complete range of services.

Ceno Tec is available to assist, as requested, during the architectural planning process. Additional services such as engineering support, shop drawings, manufacture, transportation and complete installation of structures are provided by Ceno Tec from one source. The scope of services not only includes the sector of membrane materials, but also the supporting structure, secondary components as required or, if necessary, a supporting cable framework.

If it is expressly requested by the builder to separate the different trades, Ceno Tec is prepared to manage/control the interface. The objective is not only to ensure smooth construction sequence, but to prevent subsequent, irreparable construction damage.

Specialists with many years of experience in this special sector of construction are available for all stages along the planning, manufacture and installation process. These are aided by the most modern equipment, e.g. computer programs adapted in-house or advanced processing technology suitable for the material.

The manufacture and installation of filigree aluminum frame systems, covered with the finest of fabric as light or acoustic ceilings for the sector of interior architecture, is also included in the range of products, as the manufacture of structurally high stressed flood protection systems.

Aesthetics and function are two components on which the quality of Ceno Tec is orientated.