"Flower Island" Mainau

built 2003
architect bnt Architekten BDA, Konstanz
covered area 1.346 sqm
material glass-PTFE
Flower-Island Mainau: Island Entrance "Mainau Träff"

A Shade roof was required for the entrance area of the Mainau Island Open theater

The shade roof covers a larger area, which includes the meeting point, as well as several buildings like the souvenir shop and the Café. The Design was so arranged that all guests can attend the events even in the rain and also are able to walk to the café or souvenir shop without leaving the dry and shading area given by the shade roof.

The shade roof membrane system consists of 2 central fields (stretched between 2 arches) and 2 corner fields (each is connected to an arch and to articulated columns). All 4 fields have different dimensions.

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