Textile projects for trade fairs, events and outdoor advertising

Technical textiles are ideal "building materials" since the versatility and flexibility of the material is almost unlimited in scope for unusual shape and colour play. In this way membrane elements can be optimally integrated to various frame concepts by means of unconventional implementation, always with great effect for the exhibitor’s image.

The light-permeability of white, translucent membranes creates a feeling of lightness; coloured or colourfully illuminated membranes are possible in the most diverse colour combinations and set striking accents. The simplicity with which lettering and logos can be printed allows for additional individuality. With opaque membranes, space for unusual light and laser shows can be created.
However, textile structures are not only ideal for exhibition booths because of the visual stimulus they offer. Textile constructions are easy to assemble and dismantle, ensure thus fast and economical installation.