built 2001
location Copenhagen, Denmark
architect Gert Andersson Arkitektfirma ApS, Copenhagen
construction Rambøll A/S, DK-Virum / Jørgen Søgaard ApS, DK-Helsinge
material PES/PVC
covered area 8,000 sq.m

The moveable stadium roof consists of 12 textile membrane cushions, each with a length of 92 meters and a width of 7 meters. In the closed condition, these are automatically filled with air by special blowers. In between, a total of 13 four-boom travelling trusses, with a trapezoidal sheeting insulation, provides for the required space stability against wind, snow and rain loads, over a total width of 140 meters. Additionally, the stadium roof is rated as a permanent structure, particularly as it can withstand full snow pressure! With a width of just 1.8 metres, the four-boom trusses are extremely slim, yet there is no problem with the stability of the elaborate overall design due to the interplay of the stadium roof membrane cushions and the additional rope construction.

The complete process of closing, takes just half an hour, after that time the e area below can be heated completely.

Unlike shading systems which are opened by scissor-type mechanisms, the Copenhagen stadium roof travels on two parallel running gantry girders known from big industrial operations.

In its retracted condition, the roof is parked in a trapezoidal sheeting garage just 30 meters deep, and is supported therein by three amply-dimensioned truss-structures. Air is also exhaled during the parking process, so that the membrane cushions hang flaccidly, awaiting their next deployment.

Ceno develops always new advance retractable stadium roof systems, to comply with all requirements and owners unique desires.