Heliport - clinical center

built 2011
location Aachen, university hospital
architect OX2architekten, Aachen
general contractor stahl + verbundbau gmbh, Dreieich
material Glas-PTFE
membrane surface approx. 1.200 sqm
Technical textiles where used on the 15 m-high heliport, which rises distinctively in front of the Aachen Clinic. Since the middle of 2011, acute patients can be brought from the landing platform directly into the accident and emergency unit. The Design Team designed the landing area as an elliptical oval shape with technical textiles which sits only on two girders. Around the two girders and the entire lower platform was covered by technical textiles , a white membrane. The entire platform covers an area of 32m in width and 96 m in length.

Technical textiles with its various color choices and material performance options, gives the client almost unlimited possibilities for their projects.