"tegut" consumer market

built 2000
architect Günter Peichl, Fulda
static membrane teschner GmbH, Kosel
covered area 2.000 sqm
material PES/PVC (silver-coloured)
This tensile architecture project should cover an area of 1,350 m2 open space supermarket area.

It was done by creating 4 different structures. The Entrance area covered a total area of 206 sqm, which had 6 high points. The petrol station of this tensile architecture project had a size of 402 sqm. The remaining area of 487 sqm where used for Offices.

Whereas the individual roofing of the tensile architecture of the petrol station and the entrance area were constructed by using a single-sheet membrane made of plastic-coated polyester fabric.

The tensile architecture of the supermarket and the offices were given double sheet heat-insulated textile roof.

The heat insulation of single-layer membranes with U values of about 5-6 W/m²K are not adequate for permanently heated rooms. Using combined measures - two membrane layers, insulation and reflecting in-between layers - U values could be achieved which matches standard insulated roof construction standards.

Tensile architecture projects by Ceno fulfills the most stringent Building codes, while maintaining the original architectural design.