"Outdoor Classroom"

built 2011
location Lößnitz, Germany
architect Ing. Jürgen Taubner
material PES/PVC, type IV
At the secondary school in Lößnitz new paths are being explored with the redesign of the outdoor grounds. "Learning outside with all your senses" is the motto. An impressive "outdoor classroom" is the central element. Designed like an Amphitheater, the tensile fabric structure provides space for up to 300 students simultaneously. The tensile fabric structure with its diameter of 22 meters, has an area of around 340 sqm. Due to the high snow burden of 160 kg/sqm, it was necessary to use relatively strong type IV material for the tensile fabric structure by Ceno.

Tensile fabric structures by Ceno has been used by more schools worldwide, due to its excellent engineering and construction service.