Open Air Theatre

built 1993
location Tecklenburg, Germany
architect form TL, Radolfzell
covered area 1.200 sqm
material PES/PVC
The horizontally sliding roof is supported by a tensile structure system with six swing columns on each side. Five special rails running parallel to each other are hung on to these columns via a cable net construction. Along the rails, six moveable profiles shaped like hangers are fixed. The tensile structure system is linked to each other by the membrane segments.

The actual roof of the tensile structure system consists of six membrane cushions, each with a surface area of 200sqm, which are automatically filled with air during closing. This way, the covering is stabilizes against wind, the whole construction is secured and the formation of water sacks is prevented. The process of closing the roof takes place so quickly and quietly, that the performance is not disturbed.

Tensile Structure systems by Ceno are available as static roof systems or as operable roof systems. Consult our technical Department for the right advice.