“Through the economical use of high-quality materials and by exploiting the structural properties of spatial systems, light, portable buildings can be created without significant dead weight. The construction is limited to the absolute necessities.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frei Otto

Tensile Structures – the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics

Only tensile structures can achieve a freedom of architectural geometry, with almost unlimited shapes and designs and with integration of light features.

No other form of construction offers such individuality and design opportunities.

Textile roofs allow large areas to be covered without the need for supporting columns or load bearing walls. No other architecture creates such wide spans with such a minimal use of materials and energy.

The fascination of tensile structures, increasingly inspires architects and designers to include the tensioned membrane structures in their field of application. In cooperation with architects and Builders, Ceno Tec continuously optimizes multidiscipline, optimized complete solutions - from architectural concept to constructive detail.

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Modern tensile structure technology with proven materials

In addition to the use of form, the selection of the right material is of essential importance to the success of the project. Irrespective of whether its technical textiles (coated or uncoated fabric) or technical plastics (ETFE foils) – when choosing the material, the desired use, life span of the building and later maintenance costs should all be considered. Building regulations, structural requirements and illumination of the covered area should also to be taken into account. The result combines elegance with innovative technology.

Ceno Tensile structures in Full-Service:

  • Expert advice and support in the design and planning phase
  • Structural calculations
  • Creating design and fabrication drawings
  • Prefabrication of the entire structure to highest quality standards
  • Delivery to the construction site
  • Complete installation from the top of the foundations
  • Service and maintenance
  • Ceno Tec can offer a complete Design and Build Package