Fenerbahce Istanbul

built 2002
client Fenerbahce Sports Club, Istanbul
static membrane teschner GmbH, Kosel
material PES/PVC, type III
covered area 20,400 s.qm
Stadium tension fabric structure for the Turkish soccer club Fenerbahce Istanbul

In order to be able to offer space for an audience as large as possible, the supporting structure of the tension fabric structure for stadium roofs are normally erected outside the stadium itself. Due to the tight traffic situation around the Fenerbahce stadium, this was not possible. Therefore the decision was taken to do it without some of the previous 32,000 seats and make use of an internal supporting structure and to build four massive concrete towers in the corners. These corner pillars, each with a surface of app. 100 meters square are the supports for the primary supporting structure for the roof.

The dimensions of the steel framework are 156 meters on the long side by 123 meters on the short side with four-belts, carried at a height of app. twelve meters.

The membrane of the tension fabric structure which is in a typically curved structure consists of coated polyester fabric type III. It stretches between round steel cantilever girders with a diameter of ca. 400 millimeters which can be unhitched upwards and downwards with steel cables using ascending forces.

The membrane of this tension fabric structure will firstly be welded together from individual perfectly fitting widths and later delivered as a complete field and assembled by crane. Due to their material and construction, the membranes of this tension fabric structure are less susceptible to vibration and therefore ideal for earthquake areas. In order to achieve optimum earthquake protection, all bearings within the construction are made as elastomer bearings and are completely reversible after changes in strain, in other words they take-on their original form. On top of this, special earthquake bearings are installed at important points, so-called lead deformation bearings which can take deformation due to the relatively soft material as opposed to rigid bearings.

Also at this project, Ceno performed at this unique tension fabric structure project with its superior product and with an excellent workmanship.