Bus Station

built 1998
location Izmir, Turkey
architect Merih Karaaslan, Ilker Aksu
static membrane IF Ingenieure, Reichenau
covered area approx. 6.000 sqm
material PES/PVC
The tensioned membrane structures of the bus terminal in Izmir gives the waiting People more comfort now. Also next by, the numerous possibilities of shopping and leisure lets make the waiting time very comfortably. The front of the Building has now a unique tensioned membrane structure which covers nearly 6,000.—sqm, which provides sufficient protection for rain and sun.
On a 22m heigh support structure, are covering 26 funnel shaped umbrella tensioned membrane structure roofs with an outer dimensions of 15 x 15 m the bus terminal
Compared to the initially planned concrete design, the new roof is more aesthetic and gave a cost efficient alternative.

Roof structures as a tensioned membrane structure, resulted in better space planning without obstruction of structural columns.