client open-air-theatre Lohne e. V.
architect Architektur & Planung Haves
static membrane teschner GmbH, Kosel
covered area 736 sqm
surface of membrane 784 sqm
built 2007
Tensioned Membrane structures are the ultimate choice over conventional roof structures. An outstanding translucency with excellent Durability combined with flexible design aesthetics makes tensioned membrane roofs almost as the only choice the Open Air theaters. The material chosen here was PES/PVC Type III, which gives the best shade value and makes the roof as a large umbrella for more than 500 spectators.
The lightweight of the tensioned membrane structure makes it possible to create spans far and above the known standards.
The cost benefits and the variety of membranes which can be used for the tensioned membrane structures is in most cases the key factor of the decision to use CENO.

CENO as on the world leader in tensioned membrane structures combines design and engineering capabilities with execution performance and sets therefore clear differences.