Open Air Theatre

built / location 2008 / Bourgas-Bulgaria
architect Archcom Ltd.
static membrane IF Ing., Reichenau
material: fixed roof PES/PVC, type II
material: retractable roof PES/PVC, type V
Most Theaters have the same problem, how to increase the viewing time, when the weather is not as his best.
Ceno became over the years market leader in tensioned structures and has constructed numerous roofs for open air theaters.
The tensioned structure here in Bulgaria was designed, engineered , fabricated and constructed as a retractable roof, which covered a seating area of 1600 sqm. Also, two permanent roofs where installed, one with 200 sqm and one with 360 sqm, which is located over the stage and the loggia area. The permanent portion of the tensioned structure had a complex steel structure as the main structural support.
Within 20 min, the complete movable section of the roof was opened, when good weather permitted it and this only on a simple click at the remote control.

Especially moveable roofs as tensioned structures are a specialty of Ceno and for more than 4 decades archived Ceno the worldwide reputation as specialist for tensioned structures.