Dimona Market

built 2002
architect E. Dollansky, Nenzingen
covered area 3.100 sqm
material glass-PTFE
Tent structures are the oldest and most common structures in the world. Ceno created tent structures for more than 100 years. This translucent marketplace roofing consists of a high-point structure with 4 high-points and a joint deep-point funnel in the center.

Four individual tent structure membrane surfaces made of Teflon-coated glass fabric are combined to form a large-surface sun protection area. They are joined using clamping tape and pre-tensioned via the perimeter ropes and guying of the columns and by the adjustment of the high-point rings.

Hundreds of possible engineering variations are possible to create tent structures. If it’s a wedding tent, party tent, shade tent, commercial tent or an emergency tent Ceno has the Solution.

All our tent structures are made from high performance materials, designed, engineered and fabricated to German high Quality standards. Our German installation crew will assure the fastest installation to stringent installation guidelines