Visitor Park with Gastronomy

built 2000
location airport Munich, Germany
architect Zobel Weber Gansser, Munich
static membrane teschner GmbH, Kosel
covered area 741 qm
material PES/PVC
The roof as shade and rain protection in form as this unique textile construction at the Airport in Munich reflects the traditional shape of a wing from an airplane. The adjacent Restaurant required an area for guests to be seated in almost each weather conditions. So to use the shape of a wing as a roof was the most authentic choice at an airport. The structural frame for the textile construction was designed and engineered this way, that the frame gave the most efficient space below for the seating area. Also on top for the structural support of the membrane, which was PES/PVC, only minor cross frames where used to show the textile construction in its fullest, so that the roof in shape of a wing can be identified easy from below.

This lightweight textile construction system with its structural support is so optimized that the roof seems to be flying like a wing in the air.