Stadium Bunyodkor

built 2012
location Taschkent, Usbekistan
general contractor Oberhofer Stahlbau, Saalfelden, Austria
material PES/PVC, type III
covered area 30.000 sqm
The Textile Facade of this 35,000 capacity football stadium was built in a period of only 7 months, starting from the planning stage through construction to handover.

The desert area surrounding the site served as the basis for the architecture where Ceno provided its textile façade which should match the surrounding area. The curved structure of the roof area with its roughly 32,000 square meters resembles the undulations of the desert landscape. The entire stadium is wrapped into 64 backlit textile facade sails, which resemble the ‘Flames of the Orient’. Roughly 34 meters high, they still represent the stadium's visible highlights. Ceno textile facade system saved a tremendous amount of steel without interference of the architectural design.

Ceno textile facade systems are the ultimate way for hundreds of projects for all facades, through his unique creative engineered system.