Velux Lounge

built / location 2006 / Hamburg
client Faktor 3 AG, Hamburg
architect Ostermann Architekten, Hamburg
static membrane teschner GmbH, Kosel
covered area 378 sqm
Ceno textile roof , a temporary structure - Velux-Lounge on the "Medienbunker" in Hamburg

At the football world championship, the so-called Velux-Lounge was temporarily constructed on the Medienbunker in Hamburg. In contrast to the heavy, massive concrete of the Medienbunker, a light, elegant tent construction, a textile roof, was superimposed at a dizzy height of 40 meters.

Two hinged central poles support the 378 m² textile roof. The poles and the membrane are given their required stability and tension via traction cables and compression bars.

The wall construction of the lounge consists of 2.2 m high plexiglass discs, a textile skirt above the window surfaces forming the connection to the textile roof.

A textile roof can be a permanent or temporary structure for events or permanent buildings