Veltins Arena

built / location 2011 - 2013 / Gelsenkirchen
client FC Schalke 04
static membrane teschner GmbH, Kosel
material PES/PVC Typ V
Several textile roofing elements of the Veltins Arena were destroyed by heavy snow loads during the winter of 2010. The reasons for the unusual failure of the textile roofing membrane area varied, because the original roof manufacturer had covered the stadium with a glass roof. This material however, is extremely sensitive to bending and movements induced by heavy gusts of wind, something which is very difficult to avoid because of the relatively flat roof formation of the Veltins Arena. The textile roofing polyester fabric currently used by Ceno has greater reserve in capacity (roughly 30 % greater strength) and it is mainly insensitive to any movement stress.

Ceno clearly understood the reasons for the damage, which showed the Managers of the Veltins Arena that Ceno understand the situation and they agreed to replace the complete Roof with Ceno textile roofing materials suitable for the local conditions. The textile roofing membrane areas were replaced one after the other up until 2013. To ensure that the events scheduled for the Veltins Arena can also be held during the construction phase without any problems, Ceno installation team conducted an exhaustive range of safety measures before each event, so that no breaks where required during the Season.

For more than two centuries Ceno textile roofing systems are known for its quality, which extends the Veltins Arena project.