Entrance roofing "Interspar"

built 2000
location Vienna, Austria
client Metallbau Heidenbauer, Wien
covered area 1.025 sqm
surface area 1.230 sqm
material PES/PVC, type III
The Grand area of the shopping center chain SPAR required a special designed textile shade structure in front of the entry. This grand entry area had specific requirements on gemotetrical shape, of the textile shade structure as well as the supportive steel. The atmosphere with its lighting option shall show the textile shade structure with its 1025 sqm to its fullest. The textile shade structure as a PES/PVC roof gives optimal translucency during the day and reflects the lighting well during the night.
This grand entrance gives not only the optical affect, but also gives sufficient rain and shade protection.

If it is an entry area or traditional roof structure, textile shade structure by Ceno will not only bring the optical affect, but also bring German Quality to you.