Forum Kirchberg

built 1997
architect Atelier A & U, Luxemburg
static membrane form TL, Radolfzell
covered area 2.700 sqm
material glass-PTFE
Two building complexes, 20 meters apart of each other, brought the idea to create a textile structure, so that the open space of the existing shopping area and offices could be used for outdoor shops and a café without the weather dependency.
The textile structure consist of 2700 sqm Glass-PTFE and gives now the shade and rain protection for gusts to enjoy the outdoor space.

This unique textile structure in Luxemburg had portions of traditional glass between each bay, to bring more light into the courtyard. The textile structure was attached by cables, which was connected between 2 steel structures, one on each structure.

This textile structure is rarely to be seen with this geometry as a roof and as a connection between buildings.